5 Important Signs of Anxiety Disorder

A General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a state in which the patient worries excessively. The patient is said to be suffering from anxiety. This feeling is unrelenting and the worry becomes overpoweringly strong, that even a casual comment by someone becomes a matter of great worry to the patient.

A person suffering from GAD finds it almost impossible to carry-on with his daily activities as worry takes over his thoughts completely. He is always in a state of worry, fear, tension and dreads unfortunate events. GAD affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. The prevalence of GAD worldwide, can be gauged by going through the statistics provided at Wrongdiagnosis.com

People suffering from GAD exhibit both physical and psychological symptoms. Given below is a list of 5 such signs of anxiety to help you identify and understand GAD.

  • Physical – Tensed Muscles, Body Aches, Soreness, Trembling, Twitching, Headaches
    A person suffering from GAD displays all the signs of being extremely tensed and jumpy. The muscles remain tensed most of the time, which causes tiredness and pain in the muscles. He will complain of pain in various parts of his body. He will also tremble and may shudder from some kind of fear. A little playful scare can easily send the person into a panic situation.
  • Physical – Nausea, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea, Difficultly Swallowing
    The person suffering from GAD will inevitably suffer from several stomach problems. An upset stomach will bother the person most of the time. He will also have difficulty swallowing food. The stomach problems will further complicated the situation.
  • Physical – Sweating, Hot Flashes, Frequent Visits To The Bathroom, Sleeplessness
    Since the person is in a state of high anxiety, he may sweat abnormally. His body temperature will also be unusually high most of the time. Due to GAD, he may also feel the need to empty his bladder frequently. The person will also find it difficult to sleep properly as his mind will be troubled by disturbing thoughts.
  • Psychological – Irritability, Anxiousness, Easily Frightened, Inability to Concentrate
    A person suffering from GAD has an irritable nature, which will be evident by the way he interacts with others around. He shows heightened signs of anxiety which will also cause him to jump with fright at every scary thought or occurrence. The heightened anxiety will also prevent the person from concentrating on anything.
  • Psychological – An unrealistic view or opinion about simple or daily problems
    Due to the state of anxiety prevailing in the mind of the person suffering from GAD, in his view the normal day-to-day problems will seem gigantic problems that are almost impossible to solve. While others may react mildly to these problems or take those casually, the anxious person will almost be frightened into inaction by the same problems.

One of the signs of anxiety noticed in people suffering from GAD is that they expect a disaster at every step. For this reason they may be called neurotic or eccentric but in reality they are suffering from GAD. Reassurance is the first thing that they need to overcome their state of anxiety.