6 Prominent Reasons Behind Depression in Teenagers

Teenagers are active a lot. They have to cope with the undergoing change in their body as well as the constantly changing situations around them. Under such turbulent circumstances, it is logical that they sink into depression. To combat this problem one needs to know and understand the reasons behind depression in teenagers.

The following paragraphs contain six important reasons for depression in teenagers.

1. Surroundings

The surroundings and circumstances have a bearing on the emotional constitution of teenagers. Stressful environments like –having quarrelsome and abusive parents, unstable family structure, disturbing neighborhood, exploitative and bullying circle of friends, all contribute to depression. Teenagers often develop deep friendship or relationships. A break-up can push a teenager into loneliness and as a result he will be deeply depressed. When teenagers are suddenly given responsibilities, they feel stressed and get depressed.

2. Study and School Related Stress

Teenagers are pushed hard to perform at studies and extra curricular activities. These place them under tremendous pressure. They develop a fear of failure. Often their complaints are disregarded and their problems are neglected. Unrealistic expectations of parents and teachers add further pressure. At this stage the teenager breaks off all contacts and will become depressed. Teenagers, who face bullying at school, are afraid to tell their parents for fear of hurting them. They will often end up depressed. A feeling of being trapped torments teenagers as a result they will get depressed.

3. Biological Transformation

The onset of puberty causes hormonal imbalance in teenager’s body. Such an imbalance leads to depression in teenagers. They may get confused of these changes and may develop wrong sexual orientation during this age. Teenage girls are more at risk when they remain unaware of the changes in their body. Inability to discuss these changes due to shame, shyness or taboo can depress many teenagers. Hormone induced depression will last till the hormones level off.

4. Trauma

Teenagers who have lost a loved one may not be strong enough to cope with the loss. Often such teenagers take a long time to overcome grief. They can easily become depressed. Similarly, teenagers who suffered abuse during childhood can be depressed when they do not see an end to their sufferings.

5. Poor Emotional Strength

Teenagers are highly susceptible to various kinds of influence. Even strong willed teenagers may crumble due to peer pressure. The urge to get noticed will force many teenagers to do things which they should avoid. This adds to the existing pressure on them and forces even strong willed teens into depression. Teens who lack a strong family support can easily fall victim to peer pressure. Teens who have a low self esteem may fail in their own expectations. This often forces them into a state of depression. Negative personality traits caused due to abusive parents or depressed parents can force a teenager into depression.

6. Substance Abuse

Teenagers quickly succumb to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and experimenting with drugs. The harmful physical affects of these substances change the teenager’s body. He may not be prepared for that. This can lead to depression.