Anxiety Test – 7 Questions to Gauge Your Anxiety Level

Anxiety causes deterioration in the lives of many people around the world. Over the years anxious people have devised various ways to cope with anxiety. Some of these ways work while some others are unsuccessful. However one thing that is common in all these people is that they are anxious to know how much they suffer from anxiety.
The simplest way to test your anxiety level is to answer a set of questions by selecting the choices given as answers. The sum of all the answers gives you a brief idea about how anxious you are. To help you know your level of anxiety, we have given here a set of questions and answers as an anxiety test. You can use them to ascertain how much you are affected by anxiety.

Anxiety Test

1. How often do you worry about your anxiety?
a) Never. I don’t think I am ever anxious
b) Sometimes
c) Often
d) I am worried a lot about it
e) I am always anxious

2. How much does anxiety disturb your life cycle?
a) Nil. I go on with my tasks without a care
b) Somewhat. But I get most of my tasks done
c) 50 – 50
d) It causes a lot of disruption but I manage to get some tasks done
e) Very disruptive. I can’t do a thing

3. How much are you worried about your future?
a) Not at all worried. Rather I am sure of a bright future
b) Mostly optimistic, but there is a slight worry
c) I am anxious about an uncertain future
d) Mostly bleak, with a little ray of hope
e) I am frightened of the things that I know will go wrong and cause me a lot of trouble

4. Do you feel depressed or lacking energy and drive?
a) No. I feel happy, positive and have a lot of energy in me
b) I feel depressed sometimes but I get over it and continue my work
c) 50 – 50
d) Often. I get very nervous at times. But I do manage to get my bearings
e) Always. I cannot do a thing properly. I have to struggle both at office and home. People are always complaining about me

5. How often do you think about upsetting situations?
a) I don’t care. I go on with my work. Why should I? They are past, history
b) Sometimes. But I concentrate more on the important things in my life
c) About half – half. I am worried, but have sorted about half my life
d) Often. Though there are times when I am positive
e) Always. I can’t take my mind of these upsetting situations

6. How often do you indulge in recreational activities?

a) Oh well, whenever I can, I find time to enjoy
b) Sometimes. When I feel tired or upset, I go out and have a nice time
c) When it becomes too difficult, I like to take a break
d) Rarely. I am unable to find time to enjoy my life
e) I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed my life. It’s been months, probably years

7. Are you able to relax?
a) Yeah, always. Whenever I want to!
b) Yes, mostly. I don’t get much upset, although there are times when it happens
c) Somewhat. I manage my life equally well
d) Not much. I tend to worry a lot. And then there are situations that simply freak me out
e) I don’t think I can. I simply worry too much. Happiness seems to have skipped me

Now think over the choices you selected as answers for this anxiety test. Going through your choices will make it clear to you how anxious you are. If most of your answers are the choices e’s or d’s, then it is clear that you suffer a lot from anxiety. If however most of your choices are a’s and b’s, then you lead a quite a happy life. Well then you must consider yourself lucky. But if you range somewhere in the middle then you have a balanced life, bordering more on the high anxiety side. You need only a little more push to pull yourself through.

If in this anxiety test, you find yourself in the later part i.e. d’s and e’s, don’t get disheartened. There are ways to improve your situation. You need to change the way you look to your life. Though you cannot completely control the adverse situations, you can change the way you deal with them to have a better control over your life. Take steps to bring more joy into your life and you will learn to lead a better life.