How to understand Allergies – Symptoms and its Types

Antigen, proteins and many irritable substances are the reasons behind our allergies. Symptoms of several types of allergy are the same. Hence it is important to know the different types of allergy.
Given below is a list of the different types of allergy

1. Allergy caused by natural substances
Natural substances that cause allergy in humans are – pollen grains, hay, grass, animal dander and certain types of plants. They are present all around us and are difficult to avoid. Depending on the quantity of antibodies produced in the body when it comes into contact with these substances, the allergic symptoms will vary from person to person. The only way to prevent such allergy is to take precaution to avoid contact with such allergens.

2. Allergy caused by manmade substances
Some manmade substances often end up as polluting substances. They can be airborne, waterborne or can be present in the soil where a human habitation is built. They cause allergic reaction upon contact or upon ingestion in to the body. Some of manmade substances which cause allergy are – certain types of chemicals and metals, plastic, smoke, construction materials, household items like perfumes, powders, latex, bed linen, cleaning liquids and medicines. Depending on the level of response of the immune systems in the person, this type of allergy may be either mild or severe. Taking precaution is the only way to prevent this type of allergy. Simple precautions like wearing a mask (air filter), gloves, drinking only treated water and avoiding – visiting or working in places that are highly polluted, help in preventing allergies.

3. Allergy caused by food stuffs
People may be allergic to food stuffs like – milk, egg, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, fish and other types of seafood, mold, caffeine, spices, etc. Food allergy can appear either immediately or it can take a few hours. In either case, the particular type of food stuff has to be identified and should be isolated. The affected person will have to avoid taking the particular food item or avoid contact with that kind of food to prevent the setting in of food allergy.

4. Allergy caused by seasonal changes
The change of season is often accompanied by changes in our body. As the body takes time to adjust to the change in temperature, humidity, wind patterns, sunlight; we experience different levels of seasonal allergy. The severity of the allergy depends on the level of health of the individual and his ability to adapt to changes. Sleepiness or sleeplessness, runny nose, fever, fatigue, headaches, body-aches and wheezing, are some of the symptoms noticed after a change in season. Medicines are prescribed to counter the symptoms or to at-least make them bearable. As the season progresses, these allergic symptoms may slowly disappear.

5. Allergy caused by insects and animals
Pets are often the source of allergy to their owners and their families. Pet dander is the most common cause. Pet litter too can cause allergic reactions in humans. Insects are also dangerous to highly sensitive people who can easily suffer an allergic attack. Coming into contact with these insects and their secretions almost instantaneously starts an allergic reaction. Some insects which are known causes of insect allergy are – cockroaches, bed mites, dust mites, fleas, scorpions, lizards, spiders, bees, beetles, flies, etc. The only way to protect yourself from insect allergy is to maintain hygiene and prevent insects from entering your house.

Different reasons exist behind allergies. Symptoms of these allergies can not be the lone factor in deciding the cure. Other factors like the conditions responsible, the causes and the different types of allergy must all be considered. Here the different types of allergies are the important factor. The above paragraphs provide essential details about the different types of allergies.