What is the Cause of Anxiety in people & How to Identify them

Anxiety Disorder or General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a condition seen in people who worry a lot and suffer continuously from their worries. They become tensed without any provocation and stay tensed for a long time.

There are many reasons why anxiety disorder develops in humans.
Those causes can be classified as –
– Upsetting events or huge/family responsibilities
– Personality
– Chemical imbalance in the brain due to medication
– Failing health
– Hereditary

  • Upsetting events, social disturbances or huge/family responsibilities
    People who have been through severe stressful situations like a loss of livelihood, or overwork, bereavement, violence, some form of abuse (probably since childhood), or poverty, become anxious and develop anxiety. These circumstances are the primary cause of anxiety. In most cases, the victim is unable to seek relief or medical attention, which aggravates the level of anxiety.
  • Personality
    In some instances, the sufferer will have a low self-esteem and become a recluse. People who have difficulty coping with their surrounding due to their nature become highly anxious. This can lead to an anxiety disorder. A person suffering from some kind of phobia is very likely to develop anxiety disorder. Conditions like Schizophrenia and Depression also lead to anxiety disorder.
  • Chemical imbalance in the brain due to medication
    Some types of medicines disturb the chemical balance in the brain. This gives rise to moodiness and ultimately leads to anxiety. Anxiety symptoms may persist for a long time after the medication is discontinued.
  • Failing health
    Poor health that causes some gland to malfunction, for example the thyroid gland, also causes anxiety
  • Hereditary
    Sometimes anxiety affects generations of members of a family. Though it is difficult to say if anxiety is transmitted genetically, siblings often learn to become anxious from their parents and other family members. Children can inherit anxiety from older members of the family if the environment is tensed and worrisome.
  • Identifying people suffering from anxiety disorder
    The signs and symptoms of anxiety are obvious in people suffering by GAD. They can be identified by physical and psychological symptoms they show.
  • Physical symptoms like – trembling, shuddering, a scared look on the face, twitching, nausea, stomach problems, sweating, sleeplessness, fatigue, tensed muscles and using the toilet frequently are noticeable in people suffering from GAD.
  • Psychological symptoms like – irritableness, lack of concentration, inability to relax, worry, extreme tension and always expecting a catastrophe are symptoms recognizable in a person suffering from GAD.

Tense situations, anxiousness and the problems people face in their lives are often the cause of anxiety. People become tensed and anxious due to the problems they face in life or due to ill health. However to be able to identify a person suffering from anxiety disorder, one needs a keen sense of observation to detect symptoms and time to study the situation affecting the person.